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  • 6 Foundations of Optimal Health

    By Donald Shrump | In Exercises, Fitness, Health, Nutrition | on January 19, 2011

    If you want to get healthy, stay healthy, lose weight, combat disease, prevent disease, combat early aging, get more energy, live longer, stop getting ‘colds’, stop becoming a statistic, put on muscle, burn off fat, strengthen your body, fix your posture, de-stress, unwind, relax, and much more than that, just feel great all the time, then all you need to do is stick to the 6 foundations of health.

  • Beach Body Boot Camp

    By Donald Shrump | In Exercises, Fitness, Health, Motivation, Videos | on December 11, 2010

    Have you heard about Beach Body Boot Camp? Many people over the last 5 years have felt the difference between this boot camp and other workouts. This boot camp educates you on how to move your body correctly, how to eat right for you, and how to do cardiovascular exercise correctly, so you don’t just […]

  • Online Personal Training

    By Donald Shrump | In Exercises, Fitness, Motivation, News | on October 5, 2010

    Want a personal trainer? Do you workout at home? Not a member of Brielle Sports Club? If you have answered YES to any of these questions, then you need to sign up for ONLINE PERSONAL TRAINING.  We are now using the world’s best online personal training software to achieve great success for our clients. Why […]

  • Coffee and the nasty effects of caffeine

    By Donald Shrump | In Health, Motivation, News, Nutrition | on September 30, 2010

    by Donald Shrump Have you ever wondered just how exactly coffee works to you make you awake, become energetic, keep you up, and maybe make you more tired. Caffeine is known medically as trimethylxanthine, and the chemical formula is C8H10N4O2.  An 8 oz. cup of coffee contains roughly 100mg of the DRUG caffeine (a central-nervous-system […]

  • Back to School…Back to the Gym!!

    By Donald Shrump | In Fitness, Health, Motivation | on September 7, 2010

    September is a lot like January. There’s a sense of newness and possibility despite the unpredictability of the weather. Summer was filled with vacations, trips to the ice cream shop with the kids, eating out more than usual, sipping margaritas while barbecuing burgers, and snacking on chips with guacamole in the backyard. Not to mention the hung over pork roll egg and cheese on hard rolls for breakfast. (When was the last time you had a salad?)

  • Feeling Bloated, Tired, and Toxic from Summer Fun?

    By Donald Shrump | In Health, Nutrition | on August 4, 2010

    It is nearing the end of the summer and you may be feeling a bit toxic from too many margaritas, cheeseburgers, and ice cream.  You may want to think about a simple Total Body Purge. Total Body Purge (TotalFlush) naturally supports energy,strength digestion, and metabolism by cleansing toxins and heavy metals from the body. This […]

  • How Stability and Posture Relate to Balance

    By Donald Shrump | In Exercises, Fitness, Health, News | on July 2, 2010

    While there are a variety of joint types in the human, all are under the influence of segmental stabilizers (muscles crossing that particular joint alone) and gross stabilizers (muscles crossing multiple joints). Assisting with joint stabilization are ligaments, joint capsules and fascial structures such as the iliotibial band. The ability for any joint complex in the human body to function without internal derangement during normal human activities requires the maintenance of an Optimal Instantaneous Axis of Rotation (OIAR) says world renowned Physical Therapy Shirley Sahrmann in her book Diagnosis and Treatment of Movement Impairment Syndrome.

    Our body knows nothing of what muscle groups you are lifting today, only movements. Nearly all athletic movements can be summed in the Primal Movement Patterns that Paul Chek broke down under careful observation. Paul describes that everything we do is one or a combination of squatting, lunging, bending (like a deadlift), pushing, pulling, twisting/spiraling, and gait. During the continual changes that take place to preserve our equilibrium while moving through the primal patterns, the body is constantly activating an array of muscles in patterns of coordination that causes muscles to lose their identities. When we work out functionally with free weights, we train our muscle chains synergistically, in order to move our joints properly on their axis of rotation. When we work out on machines our joints are restricted. Our muscles adapt to seated postures, inappropriate axis of rotation, and supported spines causing deactivation of stabilizer muscles, like your core muscles.

  • Hello world!

    By Donald Shrump | In Exercises, Fitness, Health, News, Nutrition, Videos | on June 21, 2010

    We are building a new website so please pardon our appearance. Stay tuned as we will be updating the site daily. If you need to purchase or schedule CLICK HERE Join Our Mailing List Email: For Email Marketing you can trust