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Brain Training

Brain Training for Athletes

No matter what game you play whether it is on the court, field or ice, most people have done fairly intensive training physically. But most athletes have left out the brain’s training. As your level of play advances the speed of the game increases and you need to decide faster, process faster both sound and vision, and then react. Neuroplasticity has scientifically shown us that we can train our brains to function at a higher level that can amplify your athletic performance. We set the BrainHQ exercises to give you practice with the cognitive skills that can dramatically impact your performance.

Cognitive Conditioning

Players and coaches are coming to appreciate that cognitive conditioning is as important as physical conditioning. After all, it’s the brain that controls
the movement of the body and the split-second decisions made on the field. Speed and Accuracy Brain speed and accuracy play a central role in sports. When a player reacts to any action on
the field, the player must go through several split-second steps engaging both the mind and the body. We break that response into five steps, we call “using your RADAR” —Recognize something happened, Attend to what happened, Decide what to do, Accept that decision with a message from the brain to the body, and React physically. As one example, let’s look at hitting a baseball.

It takes only about four-tenths of a second from the release of a pitch until it crosses the plate. This is a great example of why split second improvements in brain speed matter.

Whether it’s throwing a block in football, a quick dart down the court in basketball, a slap shot in hockey, a lob in tennis, a pass in soccer, or hundreds of other moves in any sport, a
split-second movement can change everything. Even when seemingly instinctual, those movements are decision-based.

True Agility

Efficient decision-based movement is “True Agility.” There’s a gap between when a player receives sensory information and acts on it. That reaction time has both a
physical and a mental component. Most training focuses on improving physical movement, and fails to train the cognitive component. We’ll rank players as “faster” and “better” if they
can out-run others by just a couple of tenths of a second (200 milliseconds), but we do little to measure or improve brain speed by similar amounts. True Agility is about training an
athlete to minimize the gap delay in reaction time.

BrainHQ Core Training for Sports BrainHQ offers dozens of computerized exercises and regimens that target just about every major system of the brain.

Training for sports starts with five exercises that target the speed and accuracy of the visual processing system. This is core training. Dozens of other exercises target other
cognitive skills that can contribute to peak performance on and off the field. BrainHQ exercises quickly and continuously personalize to each user (using smart
algorithms to adjust stimuli based upon all your prior performance data). The exercises get harder when you are having a good day, and ease-off when you are having a bad day, to
keep pushing you through your current threshold to new levels of your “personal best.”

Cognitive Abilities A wide range of cognitive abilities play a critical role across virtually all sports and positions, including:

  • Processing Speed
  • Multiple Object Tracking
  • Memory
  • Reaction Time
  • Useful Field of View
  • Decision-making
  • Visual Search
  • Peripheral Vision
  • Balance
  • Visual Acuity
  • Attention
  • Mobility

Performance at each such cognitive task can be changed, with the right kind of training. That training is BrainHQ

Why BrainHQ? What makes BrainHQ unique is the science. BrainHQ is built on the foundation of the science of brain plasticity – the brain’s ability to change chemically, structurally, and functionally in response to sensory and other inputs.

Coaches or Parents – can sign the whole team up, so you will see your team’s stats and who is doing the training and who is not doing the training on a simple dashboard. Get your team signed up and have the edge on the competition!


After you purchase an annual subscription plan, we will send you login information to get started today with a baseline assessment followed by a customized training plan. Then get ready to take your game and your brain to the next level!


Annual access plan:
$96 per year

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