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LifeHAQ – Key to Hack your health

By Donald Shrump | In Health, Motivation, News, Nutrition | on February 13, 2016

LifeHAQ (Health appraisal questionnaire)

You have to know where you are at to know where you need to go!


Your Health Appraisal Questionnaire is a series of questions that will address 6 fundamental aspects of health that world-renowned Holistic Health Practitioner Paul Chek found to be the essentials:

  1. You Are What You Eat
  2. Stress Management
  3. Sleep Wake Cycles
  4. You Are When You Eat
  5. Digestion
  6. Detoxification

By completing the LifeHAQ we will have a health baseline for what is going on in your body that we can suggest corrections, retest, and see how your body reacts to corrections.  You will complete a series of questionnaires to assess the stress to your physiology, the stress to your body. What you eat, mental stress, sleep, when you eat, digestion, and detoxification are assessed to get a picture of your overall health and wellness. The questionnaire is scored. The higher the score the more imperative it is to make changes to see any results. The higher the score, the more of a priority it is to make lifestyle changes and the less priority it is for you to exercise on the off day. Exercise itself is yet another stress to your body that must be managed, which is our job. As you make changes to your lifestyle, we need to reassess your LifeHAQ and as your scores drop you will be able to do more exercise on the off days from class.

health appraisal red

If you are in the RED for your total score (over 200), we may recommend that you try the class only 2 days a week. Scores over 300 will exclude you from class and we would recommend individual coaching until your score drops. If you are in the RED in any one category, you must address these high priority areas to see results. We will guide you as to what changes you can make, but it is up to you to follow through.

If you are in the RED in any one category you should not be doing strenuous cardiovascular exercise because of the catabolic actions of cortisol released during cardiovascular exercise. Catabolism is the breakdown of muscle, bone, and even the collagen in your skin to turn these substances into sugar to raise your blood sugar. Then your blood sugar will go too high from all this breakdown and your body will release insulin making convert all this sugar into triglycerides to be stored in your fat cells (i.e. you will get fatter around your stomach and low handles).

We recommend 10-20 minutes of Recovery in the forms of meditation, introspection, and/or journaling for everyone everyday! We love the FREE podcast of guided meditation by the Meditation Society of Australia on Itunes called Learn to Meditate.

Those in the RED, are also recommended to do 60-90 min. of Restoration in the form of Yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong, or Zone Exercises on the off-days, NOT cardiovascular exercise. Paul Chek coined the term ‘working in’ rather than working out, which these forms of Restoration work internally on balance of your Autonomic Nervous System. We have had great success with our clients with these ‘work in’ protocols because the slow deep breathing through your nose is therapeutic to the body and your hormones (for more information read Donald Shrump’s Article on Breathing). Off-day work-in should not elevate breathing rate, but cause you to have slower, deeper breaths to reduce stress, pump your lymphatic fluid, and calm down inflammation.

If you are in the YELLOW for your overall score (between 125 and 199) we don’t know if you are coming down from more stressful events or climbing up. It is important that you monitor your body to see if the class is making you feel worse or better. Any RED categories must be address and we can guide you as to how this can be done.

Health appraisal Yellow

We you are in the YELLOW you should still work on Recovery every day.

Since your body is stressed, but not very stressed, then your off day work outs can be 1-2 Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, or Zones Exercises, and/or 1-2 Interval Cardiovascular Exercise workouts.

Interval Cardiovascular Exercise is short and intense, but has a positive effect on your hormonal system that will stimulate your metabolism. We like to use Polar Heart Rate Monitors to gauge your efforts and not guess on your workouts. We will provide you with the information on your target Heart Rate Limits and a monthly progression. Once you understand these concepts, we like to have you cross training on all kinds of cardiovascular exercises, so you never get efficient (i.e. adapt and burn less calories) at any one exercise. This is the key to maintaining a lean body; consistency and variety.

If your HAQ results total are in the low score range (<124) then you are in the GREEN, you are overall healthy enough to do everything.

health appraisal green

We always advise against steady state aerobic cardiovascular exercise because of the hormonal response to your body and the adaptation efficiency issue. However, with a low score you could run a 5K, ½ marathon or other races like a mudder!

We would really recommend you to do Recovery exercises, Restoration exercise like yoga as well as continue with advanced interval training, but vary what you do. Many people get addicted to cardio, so try to keep your body guessing in order to keep it lean and healthy.

  1. Where can you make changes in your lifestyle?
  1. What are you willing to give up to be healthy?
  1. When and where are you going to ‘Work In’ each day?

If you are in need of some coaching, then let us know, we can help with simple steps to optimize your health!

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