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The Top 10 Benefits Of Kettlebells

By Donald Shrump | In Exercises, News | on August 5, 2015


1. Crazy Calorie Burning Potential

A study from ACE revealed that swinging a kettlebell around can blast up to 20 calories per minute. To put that into perspective, that’s about how many calories you burn per minute if running a 6-minute mile. HUGE!

Just think about in a 20 minute workout could have you burning up to 400 calories! Additionally, you will reach lactic threshold to induce EPOC Afterburn for more calories burned.   This is why kettlebells are great for weight loss!


2. Increase Your Range Of Motion

We all want to be able to move freely and without pain, right? I’m not getting any younger, and my joints seem to stiffen up on a daily basis.

Kettlebells can help keep your body loose and moving in all planes of motion to help decrease risk of injuries and aches/pains.

Large moves performed with kettlebells like swings, cleans, snatches and my beloved Turkish Get-ups are amazing for joint health and flexibility as we age.


3. It’s The Total Package

When you think of strength, you think lifting weights. When you think cardio, you think running/biking/swimming. And when you think flexibility, you think yoga.

Well, now you can pack all three of those types of workouts into one!

The ballistic nature of kettlebell training incorporates all forms of fitness. I know that the NJ Shore Fit Staff and I are both all about being efficient with your workouts, so you get the most bang for your buck. It’s not only about efficiency, but workout programs using kettlebells get results!

Kettlebell Crossfit Workout

Kettlebell Workout

4. They Are Functional

Yes, functional training is a word that gets thrown around a lot in the fitness world. However, when it comes to kettlebells, they really are functional.

Basically, they help you handle everyday life movements with ease. For example… what’s a shopping bag? A kettlebell!

If you can handle the various kettlebell exercises, then moving around through your normal daily activities gets pretty easy.

5. They’re Not Balanced Like A Traditional Weight

Because of the unique shape of the kettlebell, a cannonball with handle, the center of gravity isn’t the center (like with a dumbbell or plate).

To keep the kettlebell stable, your core muscles, rotator cuff muscles, and glutes have to work so much harder than normal lifting.

What does this mean for you? A stronger core can help reduce back pain, help to make you a faster runner, help to eliminate risk of injuries and increase your overall calorie burn (because more muscles are activated during the workout).


6. Improved Awareness Of Your Own Body

Many exercises can become mindless. You get into a habit and before you know it you’re just going through the motions wondering why you stopped getting results.

You really can’t do that with kettlebells. You have to keep focused on your body and think about the muscles and moves you’re working on to ensure you don’t end up with a stupid gym injury.

Trust me, you’ll learn how to move your body in ways you didn’t know possible and those moves will carry over into other forms of your fitness life.


7. You Feel Like A Bad Mamma Jamma

Have you ever watched someone workout with kettlebells? It looks intimidating, it looks a little frightening, but most of all, it looks AWESOME!

When you acquire the skills to do kettlebell specific skills like the Turkish get-up, swings, and windmills, you feel like a fitness rock star. Of course you workout for yourself, but when you see eyes on you at the gym, there is that secret inside voice that thinks: “Yup, I rock.”

And I promise, even though they look intimidating and hard, with practice and proper training, you can easily master the moves!

8. You Only Need One

Strength training is extremely beneficial for burning fat, joint and bone health, increasing your metabolism, getting stronger, more tone, more confident… you get it.

For most weighted moves you need two… a pair of dumbbells or pairs of plates to go on a bar.

With kettlebells, you just need one for most exercises, and these unilateral movements make your obliques work like crazy.   Stronger obliques means a flatter stomach and who doesn’t want a flatter stomach without doing ab exercises!

9. Kettlebells Are Fun!

If a workout is getting boring, what’s going to keep you invested?

If you hate it, after a week, maybe two, and you’ll give up. At least, I would.

But the challenge of the kettlebell paired with the fact that it’s fun to swing heavy caveman-like toys around makes them fun. Don’t believe me? Meet your NJ Shore Fit trainer at the beach after the lifeguards leave, Grab the kettlebell, and see how far you can throw it… 10 times.

Throwing things is always a good time (especially on stressful days) and you’ll be amazed at how sore you wake up the next morning. Remember being sore is usually a good sign you are burning fat trying to recover!


10. It’s A Change

And finally… it’s an awesome way to change up a static workout program.

If you’ve hit a plateau, or you just feel like the spark is out between you and your regular workout program, then grabbing for a kettlebell can help. You should never fall victim to a stagnant workout, and I recommend changing things up regularly.

You will break out of a plateau. And you will realize that you not only love this new challenge, but you will likely start to fall back in love with your old training as well. Absent makes the heart grow fonder.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask away!

If you want to try kettlebell training, then book a personal training appointment with our kettlebell experts.

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