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By Donald Shrump | In Health, Motivation, News | on March 23, 2015

 Fitness is all about the change of mind set:


  • change the way you think,
  • change the way you eat,
  • change the way you move, and
  • change the way you live.


“If you want to change things in your life, then you have to change things in your life.”


Change is something people have the toughest time with, but now you have a coach. Our coaches are going to change your understanding on diet and exercise. Said differently, what you may or may not know about physiology and exercise science is going to change.


First, what you think about diet and exercise that is in the mass media doesn’t work and that is why so many people fail at getting healthy.





We have found numerous studies involving over hundreds of thousands of participants the doctor recommended diets failed 94% of the time and the media is reporting on those successful people NOT all those who failed. The actual results are as follows, 600,000 participants a year with 6% attaining their goal weight, 23% of participants gained more weight than they lost in fewer than 6 months, and then 83% of the rest failed after 2 years with most people gaining more than 11 pounds from their original weight. The remaining people all gained the weight back and over 20 pounds more after 5 years (Lowe et al 2001, Mann et al 2007).




So what you’ve been taught about diets and exercise is very important to us because what you believe to be true now about losing weight or getting healthy may be the wrong way of thinking about how to actually get results that last.


What we need to do in STEP 1 is educate you on your Subconscious Mind and how your Reticular Activating System in your brain works because 95% of what your success is going to come from your subconscious mind, not the conscious mind (Lipton 2005).


It is time to learn something new.


We all have 4 stages of learning any new concept, skill, or habit:

  • Stage 1 – Unconscious-Incompetence (you didn’t know you didn’t know that),
  • Stage 2 – Conscious-Incompetence (you know you don’t know that),
  • Stage 3 -Conscious-Competence (you know that you know),
  • Stage 4 -Unconscious-Competence (you don’t even know you are doing it, now).


In Stage 1, you do not even know what you don’t know or know how to do it. For many of you, this is where we have to begin your education on the Get S.M.A.R.T. Method® because you are probably unaware of how your mind and body work on a psychoneuroimmunological and epigenetic manner. We need to educate you on your body’s complex physiology, Metabolic Typing ®, Heart Rate Monitor Training, Body Language, and so much more. Much of this is going to be new to you.


Next in Stage 2, after we educate you on some of these new scientific findings, proper exercise technique, and nutrition, you will realize that you probably knew nothing about scientific evidence and that we have to get you more information in order to wrap your mind around it.


Then in Stage 3, you will now begin to understand and practice these new technologies in class and in your life. You will see and feel the difference in your mind and body. After some period of time, repetition, and more education you will unconsciously just start doing the right things at the right time effortlessly and that is when you are in Stage 4.


Finally in Stage 4 is Mastery, which in our minds is a constant state of awareness, openness, and forever learning about your body. In this stage you will keep weight/fat off, stay healthy, and if you do succumb to the occasional cold you will know what to do to heal yourself quickly and effortlessly. Most people that follow our methodology are sick less often, for fewer days than other people, and have less symptoms of the same cold.


Your subconscious mind is like a sponge trying to soak up information from your conscious mind, your internal environment in your body, and your external environment outside your body. When your sponge is full of information, it can’t absorb anymore water making it difficult to learn anything new. To me this is the “can’t teach an old dog new tricks scam” because those dogs are not conscience they are doing or thinking the wrong things (or they don’t care).


For many people Googling how to do everything we tend to get to Stage 3 of learning and never get to Stage 4. Your sponge is filled. We want to do 2 things: #1-ring out your sponge of old, out-dated weight loss and health fallacies and #2-gently drip in new information that you can master to get you to Stage 4, so we can introduce you with more information to master. We always want to keep the sponge able to absorb more information in order for you to keep learning new experiences. If your sponge is constantly getting bombarded with more and more information you cannot keep it ‘in-formation’ in your brain, thus you never really master anything.


We want your subconscious mind to activate your Reticular Activating System (RAS), so you can easily find and do these simple steps toward your success. Your subconscious mind will ‘see’ these simple things as truths and feed-forward finding what you need to do, what you need to eat, and how you should feel. Remember, what your subconscious mind believes to be happening has everything to do with your success in anything including weight loss and getting healthy.

“Whether you believe you can do something or you believe your can’t, you are right”

–Henry Ford.



Okay, so you are probably asking yourself what the hell does all this have to do with burning fat, losing weight, toning up my muscles, and feeling energetic again? This is the driving force of what makes Boot Camp different from all other programs out there, it is the Get S.M.A.R.T. Method®. The Seasonal Metabolic Adaptation Resistance Training Method taps into your primal DNA code for epigenetic change in your metabolism. Epigenetics basically proved that what most people thought about a genetic trait was the huge fallacy, and that so much of our life is a result of our environment, both internal and external. Our environment in our mind, body, and life shapes what genes are expressed.


This means our thoughts, emotions, nutrition, and activity (exercise) changes the receptors on our cells and as our cells reproduce with this new DNA code for increased receptors it affects our whole bodily system for better or worse. Best part is that it is all by your choice! Your mental stress triggers your sympathetic nervous system, immune system, and gut causing increases in the ‘bad bacteria’ in your gut, which release chemicals to cause inflammation and endotoxin LPS causing increased depression and anxiety. This stress response is a common feed-forward issue (Figure 1).


Figure 1. Gut-Brain Connection changes the E.coli species in your gut, effecting your mental health.


Psychoneuroimmunology is the study of multiple physiological systems feeding back on one another. It basically proved that your thoughts can affect your body’s biochemistry and even what DNA codes turn on or off. Between these two newer fields of science (epigenetics and psychoneuroimmunology) we can basically say much of the past information about wellness and weight loss is just plain wrong. What you tell yourself are the reasons why you can’t do something are the most important to your health and wellness education because those thoughts are literally changing your body and mind to fulfill that thought. This is covered in depth in our Ending Self-Sabotage section in Step 8.


What we need to do is educate you on how to train your subconscious mind that you must get healthy to lose weight. We are NOT trying to lose weight to get healthy. Doctors always want weight loss, no matter the cost to your muscle tissue, hormones, immune system, and/or digestive system. What we want you to do is get your muscles’ mitochondria revved up, hormones balanced, primary immune system built up, and optimize your digestion in order to be healthy, so you have a fighting chance of losing weight and not be part of the 94% of people that fail. We will discuss what all this means in STEPS 5-7.



How do we get your subconscious mind to convert what holds to be true into believing something new? We have to remove the scotoma in your mind and tap into your mind’s amygdala. You are probably saying okay, too geeky for me. But it is easy. Scotoma is a natural blind spot in your eye because your optic nerve is in the way, but you never know you are blind in that spot. Try the test below.




We are going to take the latest psycho-cybernetics research about subconscious and conscious thoughts, so we get an explosion of new beliefs ingrained in your mind by making the decision to change (Maltz 1960, 2002).





Deciding to lose weight and to be healthy is a life changing decision that will require consistent physical and maybe more importantly psychological skills. Remember in the beginning I quoted that ‘if you want change things in your life, then you must change things in your life.’ Any new skill must be learned and practiced daily to master. Getting healthy to lose weight will be worth the time and energy to practice these new skills and best of all it doesn’t take long and it is EASY!

I like to think in terms of result driven processes (RDPs), which you are going to see and feel the tremendous results to successfully get healthy, lose weight and keep it off forever. To get results you must do what others may NOT do in the same situation to produce a different result (like actually losing weight when your friend or family continue to fail at it, 6% of people actually lose weight and keep it off). Different actions produce different results for different people, which is why if you have 100 people try something you will likely get 70-100 different results. Your friend may try some new diet to lose weight now and in a year they may be 20 lbs. heavier. We don’t want that and we don’t get that result in our method because this works at a genetic level.




Everything that happens in your life both what you’re thrilled about and what you are unhappy about all began with a decision to feel that way about the events. The decision you make today to get your body back in to a healthy state will not only shape how you feel, but also who you are going to become in the future as an optimally healthy, vital person that other people look to for inspiration.

In the beginning it is not important to know how you are going to get healthy (that is my job to teach you) it more important that you decide that you are going to be healthier everyday and that will cause you to lose weight. Now, we want to use a 3 dimensional thought process to produce success. By using a series of questions daily to conjure up thoughts, and then using those thoughts to create emotions, and finally those emotions to drive you into action, we will start re-mapping your brain’s neural pathways. This process will change your hormones and immune system by activating your RAS, which is vital for optimal health and successful fat loss. The best aspect of all this process is that it can be used the same for any other goal you seek in life.


Just 10 Questions

  1. What are 2 decisions about losing weight I have been putting off that, when I make them now, will change my life? (Example: I have decided not to cut out bread or alcohol because I really don’t want to lose weight or my identity around friend and family)






  1. What painful feelings or emotions do I associate with being overweight or not being where you want to be in a fitness sense?







  1. What are 3 simple things that I can do immediately that will be consistent with my weight loss goals ? (Example: I will cut bread and alcohol completely out until I have reached my goal)













  1. What are 4 actions I know I should take now to lose weight? (Example: Throw away the bread)











  1. What pleasure have I taken in the past by not following through with losing weight or getting as fit as I would like to be?













  1. What has it cost me, my family, and friends from not following through with losing weight and getting healthy?






  1. What will it cost me in 5 years?





  1. What will it cost me in 10 years?











  1. What will it cost me in 20 years?












  1. A) List 10 reasons why I must change now and why I know I can do it:






















  1. B) List 4 or 5 areas of nutrition and lifestyle you already know you do well with:












  1. C) List 4 or 5 things you know you need to learn more about in order to succeed in getting your body back:










Yeah, we cheated there are 12 Questions, but doesn’t 10 sound so much easier?


Stay tuned for Step 2


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