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Beach Body Boot Camp’s Lean Body Contest Is Back

Beach Body Boot Camp’s Lean Body Contest challenges the recruits to burn off the fat gained from the winter.  Over the next 12 weeks we will push through the scientifically proven periodization programs that get results year after year.  Most exercise programs lack the vision and design parameters that change with the seasons.  In Beach Body Boot Camp, we workout, eat, and live for the seasonal changes.  Day length, Environmental Temperature, Seasonal Hormonal Response, and Stress all are incorporated in the exercise & nutritional systems our unique Get S.M.A.R.T. Method (Seasonal Metabolic Adaptive Resistance Training Method).  We utilize the latest Chronobiology research to develop the exact sets, reps, rest periods, and conditioning for the corresponding season.  With the Spring Equinox coming up, we understand that your body’s fat burning capacity increases more than in the winter due to hormonal changes from increasing day length. (Come on what other trainers around the Jersey Shore are even considering that? Most are too busy copying workout from YouTube)



ENDING: JULY 4, 2014

PRIZE: $500

TO WIN: We are not doing a normal body fat or weight loss challenge.  This is a serious competition for people serious about getting healthy.  We developed weighted statistical models because we understand that if you’re 15% body fat and go to 12% that is much more difficult than going from 35% body fat to 32% (although this is a still great achievement).  We incorporated Gender, Age, and Healthy Body Composition to develop our statistical model.  This means that everyone fit or not so fit has an equal opportunity to win!

Previous Lean Body Contest winners

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Sign up now for the 12 week contest by registering for  NJ Shore Fit’s Boot Camps



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Gelatin and Leaky Gut

Gelatin is basically the cooked form of collagen (the stuff women pay big bucks to have injected into their faces to keep skin plump).  Traditional diets were gelatin rich.  Muscle meat was not generally eaten on its own like it is today; a whole joint was stewed – the muscle, bone, skin, connective tissue etc. altogether, with the full spectrum of minerals and amino acids in one meal.  These days we throw away all the good bits.  Incorporating bone broths is one way to replace the missing nutrients, but gelatin is a handy addition that completes the amino acids we need to down-regulate inflammation. Amino acids make up proteins and the particular ratios of certain amino acids make the protein in question either pro-inflammatory or non-inflammatory to the body when eaten.  Gelatin contains only minimal cystein, methionine and histadine, and no tryptophan: these amino acids are inflammatory, inhibit thyroid function, depresses immunity, decrease the body’s ability to withstand stress and are associated with many problems of degeneration and aging.

Some of the main benefits of gelatin:

The main amino acid in gelatin is glycine, which is low in muscle and organ meats.  It is anti-inflammatory, hydrophilic (hydrating), pro-thyroid, heals damaged intestinal lining (a.k.a. “leaky gut” and allergies) and improves hydrochloric acid insufficiency (weak stomach acid).

This anti-inflammatory amino acid balance helps also to regulate fat metabolism, maintain lean muscle mass, preserve bone strength and joint mobility and regulate cellular health.  Also gelatin is high in proline: a non-essential amino acid that is an important precursor to the formation of collagen, important in wound healing and tumour inhibition, and also beneficial to people with ulcers. (Dr. Chris Kresser) Both proline & glycine are very Liver-protective (aids in Phase 2 Liver detoxification), increasing albumin and halting oxidative damage.  Used as a major source of dietary protein, it’s an easy way to restrict the amino acids associated with premature ageing – and also note that Cellulite is actually just a collagen deficiency? (Dr. Catherine Shanahan)  Restriction of cystein and glycine (through a diet that doesn’t emphasize things like broth, stew and additional gelatin) produces a greater extension of lifespan than achieved in most studies of total caloric restriction.  Hormonally, glycine opposes estrogen and favours progesterone sparing, which is a very good thing for stressed out people with hormone imbalances.  Gelatin balances the inflammatory protein makeup of muscle meat.  Gelatin is a nice change from ‘beefy’-tasting broth: neutral in flavour you can add it to anything: sweet or savory.  Being a pure and complete protein, gelatin is the only “protein powder” I would ever recommend.  All others are highly inflammatory (whether they be whey, rice or soy based).

“People have asked me why I recommend gelatin since I recommend eating only whole foods.  That is right, but we rarely eat whole foods, including whole animal foods.  We throw away the  bones and skin and are told not to eat the skin because it has fat in it.  However this is precisely here where the gelatin is found.  Gelatin contains thyroid-protective amino acids which can help balance  the anti-thyroid (thyroid-suppressing) amino acids prevalent in muscle meats (beef, lamb, poultry and fish), mainly cysteine and tryptophan.  In addition, the anti-thyroid amino acids are released in large quantities during stress and hypothyroidism itself increases the catabolism (tearing down) of protein even though general metabolism is slowed down.” - Dr Ray Peat: Gelatin, stress and Longevity.

How to get it / eat it / use it:gelatin

When eating meats, go for more gelatinous dishes like osso buco, lamb shank stew and oxtail soups rather than just ‘refined’ muscle meat all the time (steak or chicken breast). When you do have muscle meats, balance them by sipping a home made bone broth, and or making a jelly out of high quality gelatin with it (think roast lamb and mint jelly) or for dessert.  Incorporate gelatin into custards (with organic egg yolks), mousses, panna cottas, soups, home made marshmallow or simply mixed with fresh fruit juices to make jelly or chewy jubes.  Make sure to dissolve gelatin until completely clear before using in food or it may cause gas / bloating.  If your metabolism and/or gut lining is extremely damage, use home-made bone broth first: 1-3 cups per day minimum.  Start with 1 tbsp gelatin daily.  If eating a large serve of meat, a good rule of thumb is to have 5-10 grams of gelatin at roughly the same time so that the amino acids enter the blood stream in balance.

Important things to note:

When I refer to gelatin in a powdered form, it must be of the best quality: bovine (from free-range cows) and not the cheap porcine products Great Lakes is made in USA, Grass-Fed, and has the strictest quality control amongst all its competitors.

For an adult, gelatin can be a major form of protein in the diet, since the  essentiality of (need for) cystein and tryptophan decreases when growth slows.  Note however that it should not be relied on for protein requirements during pregnancy or adolescence as it doesn’t contain sufficient amino acids for these growth periods.

Recommended daily amounts of gelatin (whether it be good bone broth or powdered gelatin) is person-specific.  This I can only recommend on a case by case basis.

Buy Your Great Lakes Collagen or Gelatin at NJ Shore Fit inside the Brielle Sports Club in Brielle, New Jersey.

8 Keys to Beach Body Boot Camp – Part 1




Boot Camp is all about the mind set of change.  Change the way you think, change the way you eat, change the way you move, and change the way you live.  However, change is something people have the toughest time with, but now we are going to help you change your mind set on diet and exercise.

First, most of what you and many people think about diet and exercise doesn’t work and that is why so many people fail at getting healthy.


Truth Bomb:

In 14 studies involving over thousands of participants the doctor recommended diets failed. The actual results are as follows 23% of participants gained more weight than they lost in fewer than 6 months, and then 83% of the rest failed after 2 years with most people gaining more than 11 pounds from their original weight. (Mann et al 2007)



So what you’ve been taught about diet and exercise is very important to us because what you believe to be true now about losing weight or getting healthy may be the wrong way of thinking about how to actually get results that last.  What we need to do in the STEP 1 is educate you on your Subconscious mind and how your Reticular Activating System works because 95% of what your success is going to come from your subconscious mind, not the conscious mind (BIOLOGY OF BELIEF CITATION). You subconscious mind has everything to do with your belief systems and how these limiting beliefs were created.  In other words what you believe to be true versus what is actually true.  What you tell yourself are the reasons why you can’t do something are the most important to your education on health and wellness. What we need to do is educate you on how to train your subconscious mind that you must get healthy to lose weight.  We are NOT trying to lose weight to get healthy.  Doctors always want weight loss, no matter the cost to your muscle tissue, hormones, immune system, and/or digestive system.  What we want you to is get you be healthy and lose fat while building up your metabolism, balancing your hormones, decreasing the load to your immune system, and building optimal digestion.  We will discuss what all this means in STEPS 5-7.

How do we get your subconscious mind to convert what holds to be true into believing something new? We have to remove the scotoma in your mind and tap into your mind’s amygdala.

Well, we are going to take the latest psycho-cybernetics research about subconscious and conscious thoughts so we get an explosion of new beliefs ingrained in your mind.



Deciding to lose weight and to be healthy is a life changing decision that will require consistent physical and maybe more importantly psychological skills.  Any skill must be learned and practiced to master.  Getting healthy to lose weight will be worth the time and energy to practice these new skills.

I like to think in terms of result driven processes, which you are going to see and feel the tremendous results of mental process to successfully get healthy, lose weight and keep it off forever.  To get results you must do what others may NOT do in the same situation to produce a result.  Different actions produce different results for different people.  Remember the 1% success rate of dieters.  Your friend may do something now lose weight and be 20 lbs. heavier is 1-year.  Everything that happens in your life both what you’re thrilled about and what you are unhappy about all began with a decision.  The decision you make today to get your body back will not only shape how you feel, but also who you are going to become in the future, an optimally healthy, vital person that people look to for inspiration.

In the beginning it is not important to know how you are going to get healthy (that is my job to teach you) it more important to decide that you are going to be healthier to lose weight.  We want to use the 3 dimensional thought processes your brain functions with to produce results.  By using words to conjure up thoughts, using those thoughts to create emotions, and those emotions to drive you into action, we will succeed at re-mapping your brain for successful health resulting in successful fat loss and you can use the same processes for any other goal you seek in life.


1.   What are 2 decisions about losing weight I have been putting off that, when I make them now, will change my life? (Example: I have decided not to cut out bread or alcohol because I really don’t want to lose weight or my identity)




2.   What are 3 simple things that I can do immediately that will be consistent with my weight loss goals ? (Example: I will cut bread and alcohol completely out until I have reached my goal)




3.   What are 4 actions I know I should take now to lose weight? (Example: Throw away the bread)





4.   What painful feelings or emotions do I associate with being overweight or not where you want to be in a fitness sense?


5.   What pleasure have I taken in the past by not following through with losing weight or getting as fit as I would like?


6.   What will it cost me, my family, and friends if I don’t follow through with losing weight now and get healthy?


7.   What will it cost me in 5 years?


8.   What will it cost me in 10 years?


9.   What will it cost me in 20 years?



10.   List 10 reasons why I must change now and why I know I can do it:












11.   List 4 or 5 areas of nutrition and lifestyle you already know you do well with:







12.   List 4 or 5 things you know you need to learn more about in order to succeed in getting your body back:







Nutrition Made Easy!

NJ Shore Fit Personal Training and Beach Body Boot Camp have teamed up the True Star Health in order to offer everyone FREE Nutritional Coaching!  Yes Free!

Log In and fill out the Assessment.  We will design your customized Nutritional Plan, Meals, Shopping List, and over 15,000 recipes.  Best of all, you can track your progress and get results.

Now We Have Your 1 Stop Place for Nutritional Program!

Sign up with NJ Shore Fit’s Wellness Consultants and they can customize your wellness program specifically for you needs.  We can substitute foods you don’t like, see what you are eating, see how your days are going, and so much more.
Truestar Health

Leaky Gut Plaguing Your Weight Loss?

Intestinal Barrier Screen

You are what you ABSORB!

You can have the greatest diet of all time, but if your digestive system is not up to snuff, forget about it!!!

More than 60 million Americans suffer from some type of digestive disorder. Signs and symptoms include:

  • Excessive belching & gas
  • Constipation & Diarrhea
  • Depression & Anxiety
  • Brain fog
  • Abdominal pain & bloating
  • Heartburn/Acid Reflux
  • Sweet cravings (especially at night)
  • Night sweats

NJ Shore Fit is equipped with several test kits to help us find the root cause of your digestive issues.

Test Kit 304: Intestinal Barrier Screen (saliva)

The gold standard for measuring your inner environment. With a single saliva sample this test kit measures:

  • Secretory IgA (a.k.a. The Immune System)
  • Bacterial Overgrowth
  • Yeast Overgrowth
  • Antibodies to common dietary proteins (egg, cow’s milk, corn, wheat, soy)
  • Leaky Gut Syndrome






















Your Intestinal Barrier results will reveal the ecology of your gut. For example:

  • Elevated secretory IgA may indicate the presence of an undiagnosed parasitic or bacterial infection (such as H. Pylori)
  • Low secretory IgA indicates a compromised immune system
  • Elevated dietary protein antibodies indicate the presence of multiple food sensitivies and gut permeability

When your small intestine is inflamed from the various causes of inflammation the spaces between the tight junctures are bigger than they are supposed to be allowing food, bacteria, fungus, and sh*t literally into your blood.  Now your immune system has to fight off the sh*t in your blood before it gets to the liver, which it does, but should it?  I want the 80% of my immune system working on things like fighting off viruses, sickness, and cancer.  Then an immuno-sh*t complex forms and goes to your liver and clogs your liver.  Your liver does about 250 different jobs, but for most people it is still probably working on the glass of wine that you had last night, so lets say the liver is too busy working on free radicals, detoxing the acetate from the booze that it cannot get to filter out the immuno-sh*t complex that passes by right through to the rest of your general circulation of blood to finally end up in your kidneys.

Just think of all the auto-immune problems out there and the immuno-sh*t complexes circulating through your body.  Do you think that the turkey meat that you ate tells your immune system to attack it as it leaked into your hepatic portal vein?  Do you think turkey meat looks like the muscles, joints, or cells of your body to your immune system?   Does the bacteria and fungus from your poop that entered your blood from your leaky gut land on organs of your body that your immune system is now attacking?

Get checked.

Get it corrected.

Get healthy.


Sample Test Results

Lab Fee: $250 per kit (plus Test Results Consultation fees)

Lab kit comes with a requisition form, on which you may provide your credit card number or attach a check. Lab fees are paid separately to BioHealth Diagnostics to process your test. Kit also comes with a pre-paid FedEx mailer (U.S. only).


Happy Thanksgiving!!!


A Special Message From NJ Shore Fit




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one item from each column we get 27x24x5x25= 81,000 DIFFERENT meals. Divide that by 365 (1 different meal per day) and you will not see the same meal for 221 YEARS.

And check out Underground Wellness Sean Croxton’s awesome new interactive ebook “The Dark Side of Fat Loss” with interactive Underground Wellness Cookbook.

Food Intolerance May Be Making You Tired and Fat!


Paul Chek

Food intolerance is a negative physiological reaction to certain foods or drink that can result in decreased functioning of the digestive system. Poor digestion can affect the body in many ways; leaky gut, heart burn, gastric reflux, fatigue, mental confusion, attention deficit disorder, excess body weight and a poor response to exercise are but a few of the common side effects. Yet many people never associate their symptoms with what they are putting in their mouths.

Food Intolerance vs. Food Allergies

Food intolerance is much more common today than in the past. It is generally found in two sets of people: those who eat one or more foods that produce an immune response, and those with compromised immune systems. Compromised immunity is rampant today, not just from illness but also due to both the high intake of pesticide residues and farming chemicals in our food and water, as well as the drastically increased consumption of synthetic foods and food additives, preservatives, colorings, emulsifiers and thickeners! Because the symptoms of food intolerance are so diverse and may only appear after repeated exposure to the foods in question, many people are not aware of their food intolerances. Conversely, food allergies generally produce immediate, and sometimes life-threatening reactions. People who have an allergy to a particular food usually know it, and steer well clear of the food in question!

Leaky Gut Syndrome

Leaky gut syndrome is a digestive condition that can be caused by food intolerance, as well as by all forms of stress, overuse of medical drugs and eating low quality processed foods. In a leaky gut there is separation of the tight junctions between the cells of the gut wall (Figure 1). This allows undigested or partially digested food particles to cross the gut wall. Once in the blood, these particles become antigens (Figure 2A) which then activate the immune system. Antibodies grab hold of the antigen (undigested food particle) (Figure 2B). Antibodies can attach to multiple antigens. Then cross-linking occurs, creating an immune complex (Figure 2C). Eventually there is an inflammatory response with the release of histamine. This brings other immune cells to the area, such as phagocytes which can see, surround and destroy the large size immune complex (Figure 3).







Figure 1 – Leaky Gut

Fig. 2
A: Antigens (undigested food particles that cross the gut wall)
B: Antibodies (put out by the immune system) grab onto the antigens
C: Immune complex (created when antibodies hold onto multiple antigens)










Figure 3
A phagocyte surrounding and dissolving an immune complex

Antigen Overload!

Normally, your first line of defense against antigens is the secretory IgA (sIgA) antibodies found in the mucus membranes lining your digestive and respiratory tracts. The IgA antibodies protect their territory much like the Native American Indians did from cowboys. (Figure 4), As the number of invading cowboys (antigens or undigested food particles) try to impose upon the Indian’s (sIgA) territory, the Indian adds more warriors. As the number of cowboys invading the Indian village (digestive system) increases, the amount of damage done trying to win the war increases. This is exactly what happens when more and more antigens arrive in the gut, due to continual eating of the offending food(s) or drink(s).

Figure 4 -
Battle in the Gut






sIgA antibodies are non-inflammatory, but they do signal for help from other immune cells, such as IgG, IgM and others, which do produce an inflammatory response. The immune system’s response quickly becomes heated, much like a firefight among battling soldiers. Paradoxically, as described in the book Enzymes, The Foundation of Life, when the number of immune complexes entering the blood stream reaches a certain point, the immune antibody system shuts down and a reduction in the activity of key immune soldiers called macrophages and phagocytes follows. (Ref.1) This is one of the reasons people with many kinds of food intolerance and intestinal inflammation suffer from malaise yet can’t describe a specific reaction to offending foods.

Figure 5
The Liver at the Gate: 1900 vs. 2004






As intestinal wall leakage continues, more food antigens, chemicals, food additives, etc. make it into the portal vein, the large vein that leads from the gut to the liver. As you can see in Figure 5, up until about one hundred years ago, the liver dealt only with organic substances that it recognized. Today, the liver is overwhelmed in many cases with the sheer number of food particles, synthetic and organic chemicals it must process. Brostoff states that, “Someone who is eating an average diet and drinking unfiltered tap water is likely to ingest and be exposed to at least 200 different synthetic chemicals and chemical cocktails every day.” (Ref. 2) (Realize that this does not include the huge number of organic chemicals present in our foods, nor those caused by the use of microwave ovens and irradiation of foods!)

Killer Enzymes

When the liver cannot process food antigens and immune complexes, some of these particles pass into general circulation. Current food intolerance theories suggest that when the immune system becomes overworked it will prioritize resources to handle the most threatening issue at hand. When this happens, immune complexes find their way into joint tissues, organ tissues, nerve tissues and anywhere else accessible via the micro-circulatory system, where they settle causing inflammation. The result is activation of the complement system. The complement system is an enzyme system composed of killer enzymes. These enzymes (Figure 6) seek and destroy immune complexes imbedded in tissues. Unfortunately, they aren’t specific to the immune complex; they also attack the tissues they’re imbedded in. The result is identical to an autoimmune disorder. In addition, capillary leakage from inflammation results in fluid retention in subcutaneous tissues, causing the appearance of cellulite!

Prolonged activation of the complement system will produce chronic inflammation, which means chronic pain. In my experience, many patients seeking assistance from orthopedic doctors, therapists or chiropractors for unresolved chronic musculoskeletal pain are likely expressing the symptoms of food intolerance and/or chemical sensitivity concomitant with gastrointestinal disorders. Unfortunately, it’s common to treat such chronic inflammatory pain with anti-inflammatory drugs or cortisone. Anti-inflammatory drugs often produce gastrointestinal inflammation as a side effect. Further inflammation increases leaky gut, which, in turn, produces additional symptoms! In addition, cortisone is an immune suppressant. Suppressing your immune defenses leaves the door wide open for opportunistic organisms to embed themselves in the crypts or folds of your intestinal tract. Here, unfriendly bacteria and parasites have a feast on the food your inflamed gut is unable to digest. You soon begin to accumulate an increasing number of food allergy and intolerance symptoms. In the wrong hands, you will also acquire a laundry list of drugs to take every day. I actually had a client taking 16 different prescription drugs at once, and not one single doctor or therapist had EVER addressed the basics of health and digestion with her! Eventually, cancer, autoimmune disorders and any number of diseases will present themselves. If a natural, functional alternative is not soon applied, it’s simply a matter of time before disease appears. The symptoms are the body’s cry for help!

Food Intolerance and Your Stubborn Paunch Belly!

As you can see in Figure 7A, when pain impulses come from the small intestine, bowel or any organ of digestion, there may be some level of inhibition (weakness) and possibly pain in the corresponding region of the abdominal wall. It is important to remember food intolerances commonly cause inflammation in the gut. The greater the level of inflammation in your digestive system, the greater the likelihood that your abdominal muscles will not respond to exercise.

Visit any gym and you’ll find scores of people who train regularly to shape their bodies only to have distended bellies and often comparatively unattractive torsos. If you do not investigate possible food intolerances and address them, then you will not get the results you desire, no matter how much time you spend exercising, nor how many expensive vitamins and sports supplements you consume. Even those who consume a small fortune in organic foods can continue to struggle with their health! When you have an inflamed gut, then just because you put it in your mouth doesn’t mean it actually makes it so far as to benefit your body. In order to get results in the gym, you must first address any digestive issues (Figure 7B).

Fig. 7 A & B
Pain or inflammation of the digestive organs will reflex to your abdominals, leaving these important stabilizer muscles weak or disabled. No matter how hard you train your abs in such a state, you will not achieve the flat tummy you are most likely to desire. Once such digestive issues are addressed, you will look and feel better.

Taking Action Against Food Allergy and Intolerance

Blood Tests

There are a number of companies that conduct blood testing to determine food allergy and food intolerance. While a large number of medical doctors and chiropractors perform food allergy and intolerance testing, today you can go directly to some independent testing labs. Consulting a health care professional does have its benefits though, as there is a fair amount of patient education and additional dietary management involved in restoring gut health and eliminating chronic gut inflammation.

*NJ Shore Fit can now run LEAP MRT 150 Food Sensitivity Screen in the comfort of you home.
This kit tests for 150 foods, chemicals, and additives common in our diet. Food sensitivities are very difficult to identify. In most cases, symptoms do not appear until 48-72 hours after consuming the reactive food. Find out which foods are turning on your immune system, causing inflammation in your gut, and taxing your adrenal glands. More Info…

Elimination and Rotation Diets

The least expensive way to begin clearing yourself of food allergies and intolerance is by going on either an elimination or rotation diet. An elimination diet calls for the exclusion of suspected problem foods for 8-12 weeks. If you aren’t sure which foods to eliminate, it is best to start with all foods containing gluten. Gluten is found in all grains except corn, rice, buckwheat and millet. Dr. Bill Timmins of Biohealth Diagnostics Laboratory in San Diego, California has found that between 50-60% of all white-skinned people and approximately 40% of colored people are gluten intolerant. At the same time, it is a good idea to cut out any form of processed dairy for at least two weeks and see how you feel. If eliminating gluten and dairy don’t make a substantial difference, your next step is to remove the two food items you most commonly eat or drink, also for two weeks. Keep working through your normal food list until you have identified the culprit foods through the process of elimination. Once you have identified a questionable food or foods and stayed off it for at least two weeks, reintroduce them one at a time and eat them alone initially. If side effects develop from eating the recently reintroduced food, you’re probably still intolerant to that particular food and should avoid eating it for at least three months, at which time you can retry it. If you do this twice and don’t respond favorably, you may need a year away from the food before you can safely eat it again, if you can at all!

A rotation diet requires that you don’t eat foods from the same genetic family more than once every four days. For example, if you eat lamb on Monday, you would not eat it again until Friday. True rotation dieting requires that foods be grouped by taxonomic or genetic relationships so that you don’t repeatedly stimulate the immune system with foods of the same genetic family. There is some skill and training involved in administering rotation diets properly, so it is best to consult CHEK HLC and Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist, Donald Shrump, or a physician practicing holistic medicine.

Enzyme Therapies

Current research on the use of enzyme therapies shows that the correctly prescribed type and dose of enzymes will act to break down immune complexes into smaller clusters. For unknown reasons, when the enzymes reduce the number and size of immune complexes in the blood and tissues, the antibody system is triggered back into action. (Consult a Naturopathic Physician for enzyme recommendations.)

CHEK Points for a Healthy Digestion

To improve digestion, gut health and rid yourself of unwanted food intolerances, follow these practical suggestions:

  1. Never watch the news while you eat! In fact, never watch anything on TV while you eat unless you’re sure it’s going to be funny or make you feel good. Avoid watching sporting events while you eat, especially if you have an emotional attachment to the outcome. The excitement of watching your favorite team will likely cause that fight-or-flight response which shuts down digestion—especially if they lose!
  2. Don’t read technical or stressful material while you eat. Reading the newspaper is just like watching the news and will yield the same effect. In fact, if you ate the newspaper, your digestion would probably be better than if you read it while you ate! If you wish to read, read something that makes you happy, something inspirational or something spiritually stimulating. If you have poor eyesight, wear glasses or contacts—it’s not a good idea to read at all while you eat because the eyes require a lot of energy to run and can drain energy needed for digestion.
  3. Play relaxing music. Either classical music or music with a one second beat (such as that from the Baroque period of classical music), or new age music that has no discernible beat (you can’t hum to it), is relaxing to the body and will stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system – the part that activates the digestive system. Research from Johns Hopkins University has revealed that rock music causes people to eat faster and to consume larger portions, while classical music—especially slow string music—causes the opposite effect. (Ref. 3)
  4. Drink two glasses of clean, chlorine-free water 15 minutes before each meal. Always avoid drinking alcohol before meals. When alcohol of any form enters your digestive system in the absence of proteins and fats, it irritates the gut and can lead to leaky gut syndrome, setting you up for food intolerance and a host of other problems. Also avoid drinking coffee or other stimulants before eating. These drinks cause the activation of your sympathetic nervous system, which in turn shuts down digestion. If that isn’t bad enough, a release of insulin from the pancreas and liberation of blood sugar from the liver results. Therefore, anything you eat is likely to be shuttled into fat cells, which means you’ll probably end up wearing it!
  5. Limit use of dehydrated foods and re-hydrate nuts, seeds and dried foods such as fruit, grains and legumes by soaking them for 12- 24 hours before eating. (Ref. 4). This deactivates enzyme blockers that keep nuts, seeds and grains from germinating until they are in the correct environment. It’s also a good idea to flash boil dried fruits once re-hydrated to minimize your chances of parasite infestation. Dehydrated foods quite often get stuck to the colon wall. My good friend and associate David Webster, colon hygenist and author of Achieve Maximum Health, has seen nuts, grains, popcorn, seeds and just about every form of dried food you can think of come out the tail pipe while administering a high colonic. (Ref. 5). Interestingly, many of his clients had not eaten some of what he was seeing come out of their colons for as long as seven years!
  6. Avoid foods that you’re intolerant or allergic to.
  7. Thoroughly chew your food until liquefied.
  8. Eat smaller meals more often. A number of nutritional experts today suggest that the body can only break down a given amount of protein at any one sitting. They feel that eating smaller portions and dining five or six times a day makes for much better digestion and absorption. Personally, I feel there may be variances among people as to how much protein they can digest, just as there are tremendous differences in the amount of alcohol one can tolerate. Hypoglycemia is also a growing concern. The onset of hypoglycemia is largely due to the over-consumption of simple carbohydrates in drinks and foods, as well as the consumption of drinks laced with caffeine and similar stimulants. Those with poor blood sugar handling capacity almost always find their concentration and overall level of well being improved when eating more frequent, smaller meals.
  9. Never suppress the urge. According to Dr. Tom Benteen, you can entrain (change the timing of, or teach) any physiological system in as little as 7-21 days. (Ref. 6). This means that if you suppress the urge to defecate each day for as little as a week to three weeks, you can cause a permanent traffic jam in your intestinal tract. This is sure to disrupt digestion, inhibit absorption of nutrients and increase your chances of toxicity through the bowel.
  10. Whenever possible, start your meal with raw (live) foods. All raw foods, such as fresh ingredients from a salad, contain enzymes that are beneficial to digestion. Pineapple and papaya contain enzymes powerful enough to assist in the digestion of meats and are often very tasty in salads.

This article is based on Paul Chek’s new book, How To Eat, Move and Be Healthy Or to find a CHEK HLC (Holistic Lifestyle Coach) near you, click here.


  1. Lopez, Williams and Miehlke. Enzymes, the Foundation of Life. Charleston, SC: The Neville Press, Inc., 1994.
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  5. Webster, David. Achieve Maximum Health. Cardiff, CA: Hygeia Publishing, 1995
  6. Benteen, Tom. Personal communications, San Diego, CA, 2000.

2 X Time Winner!

The Winner of the Lean Body Challenge from April through June 2011 was Joe C.! Congrats Again as Joe was the winner from January to April. Joe has now lost 22 lbs and 14% Bodyfat in the last six months!! Keep up the good work. Congrats to everyone else in the class as you all are doing great!!!

Remember we roll right into the next contest!

This time I am also looking for the best before and after pictures, so send me your pictures and get 1 month of classes free!

The Secrets to Beach Body Boot Camp

by Donald D Shrump Jr

Beach Body Boot Camp does somethings that most boot camps don’t.  First, we are not trying to kill you with the most ridiculous workouts we can think of.  We do make difficult workouts, but we build you up to them over a few weeks.  We design the workouts based off of sound physiology, bio-mechanics, periodization, and some concepts developed through the CHEK Institute.

Just making people work hard to lose some weight does work in some cases but we are not all the same in that we each may need slightly different exercises, nutrition, etc.  Educating people about proper technique during exercise, their body’s language as a response to stress, individualized nutrition plans, and seasonal changes to the amount of strengthening vs. conditioning are done asl part of the class.  For instance, most animals on the planet tend to store fat in the late summer and early fall as a preparation for the winter months when food is scarce.  We are animals and most people tend to store more fat as the day length gets shorter after June 21.  During these months, in nature we would be able to eat more carbohydrates because fruits and veggies are ripe, which helps us turn the carbs into fat.   Even if you ate just protein and fats you would likely still store more fat than say February.

To help maintain some balance between making our bodies catabolic or anabolic we increase the conditioning during these months.  In the winter months we focus on rebuilding atrophied muscle from stress, posture correction, and strength so we can have better conditioning periods of training for maximum body fat reduction and maintenance.  This cyclic nature of training creates a balance in your physiology linked with the nature flow of things.  This bringing back to balance is the key to burning fat, balancing your hormones, and maintaining Optimal Wellness without over-training or burn out.  Most people want to exercise more when their fat loss begins to slow down, whereas you probably need a healthy change to your system of doing things.  Beach Body Boot Camp is that system.

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